Whitney Houston biopic will portray alleged lesbian lover

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An upcoming Whitney Houston biopic will address her relationship with alleged lover Robyn Crawford.

The singer – who had a daughter with ex-husband Bobby Brown – repeatedly denied rumours she was in a relationship with her close companion Crawford.

The upcoming Lifetime film ‘Whitney’ – which stars Yaya DaCosta as Houston and Yolanda Ross as Crawford – will hint at the relationship between the pair.

Ross told TheWrap: “Whether or not it was more than that in terms of them being a couple, we can’t say that because it was not confirmed.

“But I know that I could play the emotions — how I’d feel, if I was that close with somebody. And if then, they started seeing someone else.

“I think as a human, jealousy comes into mind, hurtfulness, all of these different emotions. And so they’re all played.

“As the actor playing them, I hit all those notes and felt all of them. I played it as somebody that loved another person.”

“It’s someone who you’ve grown up with since the age of 16 – that you’re now their personal assistant – so you’re the person that was with them before they became famous.

“So, they’re counting on you a lot. So for Whitney to be at the level that she was during the time of this movie – and just where she was in life period, as Whitney Houston — to have that confidant or that person who you know is going to take care of you no matter what. That’s a really close relationship, you know?

“It’s a trusting one, it’s a loving one — it’s not just a business relationship.”