Uganda’s anti-gay President might not like this Christmas present

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

A dating site has sent the Ugandan president a book on homosexuality in animals for Christmas.

German dating site Gleichklang gifted Yoweri Museveni – who signed off on Uganda’s harsh anti-gay law earlier this year before a court struck it down – a copy of ‘Biological Exuberance – Animal Homosexuality and Natural Diversity’.

The book, by Canadian biologist Bruce Bagemihl, documents naturally-occuring homosexual behaviour in more than 450 species across the world.

The species include a number of animals native to Africa, which will hopefully help Museveni get over his belief that homosexuality is a “Western” invention.

Dr Guido F Gebauer of Gleichklang told IBTimes: “We are a dating service for people of all sexual orientations and our move is a symbolic protest against homophobia and a sign of solidarity with all people who are persecuted because of their sexual orientation.

“The president has not tried to contact us. However, we hope that he might hear of our campaign and the book we have sent to him.”

The country is currently in the process of passing an even harsher anti-gay law, known as the Prohibition of the Promotion of Unnatural Sexual Practices Bill.

Despite attempts to rush the bill through Parliament earlier this month, it is now unlikely to be tabled until February at the earliest.