Scotland: Preacher warns of ‘Biblical consequences’ over equal marriage

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A Fife preacher has claimed the Scottish Government’s legalisation of equal marriage will have “Biblical consequences”.

Pastor Joe Nwokoye, of Kirkcaldy, previously attracted controversy when he blamed same-sex marriage for the country’s floods and economic problems.

He also claimed it was to blame for fires and people going missing. And he called for gay men and lesbians to be thrown in prison for same-sex sexual acts.

In a letter to The Courier, Pastor Nwokoye, said: “Scotland, the land of the book, has made an irreparable mistake by making a gay marriage legal in Scotland.

“I must communicate the Bible opinion to the public whether it is accepted or not. Please remember that every action of a man on this earth attracts a consequence.

“If this goes ahead on December 31 as announced, there will be Biblical consequences.”

The first same-sex marriages in Scotland took place at midnight on 31 December.