Ireland moves forwards with gay adoption plans

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

The Irish government has promised to enact legislation to allow for same-sex adoption before the referendum on same-sex marriage.

The Children and Family Relationships Bill is due to be published next month, which will allow gay couples to adopt together for the first. Currently, they can apply to adopt individually.

The bill deals with a range of different family types. Dr Geoffrey Shannon, the Special Rapporteur on Child Protection told Morning Ireland that it “brings a diverse range of family types in from the cold” and “[updates] five decades of law.”

The referendum on same-sex marriage is due to take place in May, but during a debate on the issue this week, the question of same-sex adoption was brought up. Ministers then clarified that the bill would be forthcoming.

Recent polls have suggested around a 70% support for same-sex marriage in Ireland. Actor Colin Farrell recently confirmed his support for it “with every fibre of my being”.