US: Republican who compared gays to paedophiles put on extremist list

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A Republican who compared homosexuality to bestiality has been placed on an extremist watch list.

Right-wing pundit Ben Carson has previously compared gay people to paedophiles, and claimed that same-sex marriage is a “plot” conceived by the New World Order to impose communism.

Mr Carson – who is considering running for President in 2016 – recently ‘joked’ about putting poison in the wedding cakes of gay couples.

The Southern Poverty Law Center – which monitors hate groups across the US – this week placed Carson on its Extremist Watch List, putting him alongside other dangerous individuals.

Despite the long list of extreme homophobic gay statements noted in his online page, the Daily Mail is claiming that Carson was put on the list “because he opposes gay marriage”.

US: Republican who compared gays to paedophiles put on extremist list

The paper’s coverage does not mention the fact that he compared homosexuals to paedophiles, that he compared the US to Nazi Germany, or that he says equality will bring around “a disastrous ending, as witnessed in the dramatic fall of the Roman Empire”.

Carson said last year: “There’s a book called the Naked Communist… it lays out the whole agenda of how to attack the family and the Judeo-Christian values, to weaken the structure of America.

“This stuff is not secret, you can read about it. You can see all the things that are happening in America today.”