Brother of murder victim hits out at killer’s same-sex prison wedding

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The brother of a murder victim has spoken out, after it emerged the killer will be allowed a same-sex wedding behind bars.

It was revealed this week that Mikhail Gallatinov, 40, and Marc Goodwin, 31, are hoping to tie the knot at the maximum-security HM Prison Full Sutton, in Yorkshire, where they are both serving life sentences.

Goodwin was jailed in 2007, for the homophobic murder of Malcolm Benfold, 57, while Gallatinov was jailed in 1997 for murdering 28-year-old Adrian Kaminsky and sex offences.

Mr Benfold’s brother Peter Benfold – who is also gay – spoke to the Mirror ahead of the wedding.

He said: “Hopefully they will strangle each other.”

“They’re both killers and one of them is a strangler and paedophile. It’s double trouble.

“I can’t understand how another gay person could have done that to my brother. He took a life. He should be in prison for life.

“I’ve no hatred towards Goodwin but I can’t forgive him… It’s going to be terrible when they’re set free.”

A spokesperson for the Ministry of Justice said: “We do not comment on individuals.

“Prisoners are entitled to apply to be married in prison under the Marriages Act 1983.

“This would take place at no cost to the taxpayer and there is no possibility that they would share a cell.”