Ex-UKIP councillor: It’s worse to say ‘poofter’ than to hate ‘negro features’

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A former UKIP councillor who was expelled for ranting about “negroes” has defended herself – by claiming it’s worse to say “poofter”.

Rozanne Duncan sat for the party on Thanet District Council – in the area where UKIP leader Nigel Farage is set to stand for Parliament in May.

However, she was expelled after making ‘jaw-dropping’ comments during BBC documentary ‘Meet the Ukippers’.

In the documentary that aired last night, Ms Duncan said: “The only people I do have problems with are Negroes. And I don’t know why.

“I don’t know whether there is something in my psyche or whether it’s karma from a previous life or whether something happened to me as a very, very young person and I’ve drawn a veil over it – because that sometimes happens, doesn’t it?

“But I really do have a problem with people with Negroid features.”

After being expelled from the party, she complained her punishment was disproportionate compared to UKIP members who had been caught using homophobic language.

The former UKIP member added: “I used the word Negroes as you would do Asian, Chinese, Muslims, Jews. It’s a description, it’s not an insult… I feel I’ve been treated very badly.

“What I don’t understand is, it says here there are other people who have said, I consider, far worse things – chinky, poofter – and they haven’t been expelled.

“They’ve been hauled over the coals, but they haven’t been expelled. There is definitely a hidden agenda to this.”