Ellen Page: I immediately felt like a new person when I came out

Ellen Page

Hollywood actress Ellen Page has said she “immediately felt like a new person” after she came out as gay.

The Juno star came out as a lesbian in an emotional speech last year, saying: “I am tired of hiding and I am tired of lying by omission.”

Now speaking in a Brazilian TV interview, she elaborated to say: “I immediately felt like a new person. This weight that you don’t even realise necessarily that you’re carrying just completely disappears.”

When asked whether she is currently dating, the 28-year-old said: “No comment”.

Page last month said “fuck that” at the Queen on Twitter for giving an honour to a homophobic DUP politician.

In the New Year’s Honours list, the Queen awarded an MBE to Northern Irish Councillor Maurice Mills, who blamed the spread of AIDS in Africa on gay people engaging in the “filthy practice of sodomy”.

The councillor also claimed that the 2005 Hurricane Katrina – which killed 1,300 people – was “God’s revenge” for an annual Pride event held in New Orleans.

Page tweeted: “‘The Queen honoured a politician who blamed Hurricane Katrina & AIDS on LGBT people’ (…) fuck that”