US: Texas Republican on his fifth marriage complains about one lesbian wedding

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A Texas Republican who is on his fifth marriage has complained – after a judge ruled that two women could not be prevented from marrying once.

Suzanne Bryant and Sarah Goodfriend married in Austin last month, after a district court ruled that they could not be prevented from doing so due to Goodfriend’s ovarian cancer.

State representative Tony Tinderholt has objected to the union – despite having had five of his own.

In a statement, he claimed: “This judge deliberately violated statutory law, and this is unacceptable.”

“This complaint and any action, which the legislature decides to take, is about ensuring that our judicial system respects the laws of our state and respects the separation of powers.

“Judge Wahlberg allowed his personal views to dictate his action and ignored state law to accomplish his desired outcome.”

Mr Tinderholt, who has been married five times, also managed to complain to the wrong judge – sending it to District Judge David Wahlberg instead of Probate Judge Guy Herman.

The politician is currently married to wife Bethany Tyler-Tinderholt for the second time – and has had marriages to three other women.

Last week, Texas State Representative Debbie Riddle proposed a bill that would make it illegal to allow a trans person to use the correct toilet.

The bill makes it illegal for anyone to “enter a public restroom that is designated by a sign for members of the opposite sex of the actor.”

Sex is defined as that which is listed on the person’s driving licence.

Texas does allow trans people to change the gender listed on the driving licence, although this is at the discretion of a judge and can be hard to obtain.