WATCH: Did this TV show just make history with this cute gay kiss?

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Fans of a US television series have gone into meltdown after the show included a same-sex kiss which is believed to be the youngest ever portrayed on screen.

ABC Family’s ‘The Fosters’ featured the kiss between 13-year-olds Jude and Connor.

Executive Producer and show creator Peter Paige, who also worked on ‘Queer as Folk’ in the US, tweeted about the kiss speculating about whether it was the youngest in history.

It has been hailed because of accurately portraying a same-sex kiss, and tackling the fact that normally only opposite-sex teenage couples are shown kissing on screen.

Fans of the couple, who have been using the hashtag #Jonnor, tweeted their excitement at the revelation.

The two characters got closer in a recent episode after Connor wore nail polish to school to show solidarity with Jude who was bullied for doing the same.

Jennifer Lopez last year won a prestigious GLAAD award for her work on TV series ‘The Fosters’.

Watch the (extremely cute) kiss below

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