Republican who said equal marriage was a ‘Marxist plot’ now claims to support it in some states

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

Republican Ben Carson – who less than a year ago claimed that same-sex marriage was a “Marxist plot” – now claims he supports the rights of states to introduce it.

The doctor-turned-Republican politician, who is considering running for President in 2016, told listed hate group NOM last June that same-sex marriage is a “plot” conceived by the New World Order to impose communism.

He said at the time: “If you look in a lot of writings of the Neo-Marxists when they talk about the New World Order, they say there’s only one stick in the mud: how do you get them out of the way and how do you change them?

“They said there were two things: their Judeo-Christian faith, and their strong families. Those were the things that had to be attacked, and those things have been systematically attacked.

“There’s a book called the Naked Communist… it lays out the whole agenda of how to attack the family and the Judeo-Christian values, to weaken the structure of America… you can see all the things that are happening in America today.”

However, Carson – who recently came under fire for suggesting prison ‘proves’ being gay is a choice – claimed in a Facebook post this week that he “supports” the rights of states to introduce it.

He wrote: “I support civil unions for gay couples, and I have done so for many years. I support the right of individual states to sanction gay marriage, and I support the right of individual states to deny gay marriage in their respective jurisdictions.”

It is unclear exactly why Dr Carson would support the rights of individual states to implement a Marxist plot to weaken the United States.

He previously joked about putting “poison” in the wedding cakes of gay couples.