UK: Transgender man thrown out of nightclub toilet wins out-of-court settlement

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A transgender man who was ordered to use a disabled toilet by a nightclub has received an out-of-court settlement of £1,500.

Kay Browning, 24, was removed from a men’s toilet in Remedies nightclub, Tiverton, Devon, around nine months ago.

Mr Browning, who was out celebrating a friend’s birthday at the time, was asked to use a disabled toilet instead.

The 24-year-old subsequently launched legal action against the nightclub.

The Western Morning News reports Mr Browning and Remedies have now reached an out-of-court settlement of £1,500.

As part of the agreement, Mr Browning can use the male toilets at the venue any time he pleases.

Mr Browning said of his ordeal: “It’s offensive on many levels. It ruined my night so I left without saying goodbye to my friends.

“I am constantly judged because I am transgender. Enough is enough. I hope I’ve made a stand for trans culture.

“I would have been much happier if this sort of thing didn’t happen in the first place but I’m relieved it’s all been settled professionally.”

Alec Carter, director of Greendale Leisure Ltd, said: “Remedies Tiverton is operated by a great team and with the training they have received and listening to our customers they are better place then ever to provide a safe enjoyable venue for all.

“I am pleased that past matters have been resolved and I wish Kay every success and happiness in the future.”

Mr Browning appeared on the Jeremy Kyle show in December last year in a bid to raise awareness about transphobia.