This trans man was stripped naked and spat on in public

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This trans man has spoken out about having been stripped naked and spat on in public, but says it gave him the motivatio nhe needed to campaign for trans rights.

Kay Browning has appeared in the national and international media, after 24-year-old was awarded an out-of-court settlement of £1,500 after a nightclub bouncer made him use the disabled toilets in a club in Tiverton, Devon. 

Having since made appearances on a number of media platforms, Browning says the abuse he received was what motivated him to campaign on trans issues.

He said: “I have suffered physical, psychological and emotional abuse. I was once stripped naked in public and spat on.

“The mutual suffering and suppression of myself and other transgender or otherwise culturally open people is what motivates me.”

Browning went on to say that he thinks there are enough legal protections in place for transgender people, but that “it is society that needs to change”.

The campaign for trans rights has gone to North Devon, Browning says, which is where he experienced the “worst prejudice”. He now speaks to groups including in schools, to educate about transphobia.

He hopes to use his own experience to help young people to accept themselves.