Transgender teen Jazz lands reality series, ad campaign

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

A transgender teenager will front a new advertising campaign for Clean & Clear – and has also landed her own reality show.

The skincare company this week revealed a new campaign starring 14-year-old trans activist Jazz Jennings – who was thrust into the media spotlight from an early age due to her gender identity.

The teen, who has racked up millions of views for video I Am Jazz on YouTube, will head a skincare campaign that celebrates diversity, ‘See the Real Me’.

In the ad, Jazz says: “I’ve always known exactly who I am — I was a girl trapped in a boy’s body.

“Growing up has been a struggle being transgender, especially in middle school… sometimes, I’ve even been called an ‘it’.”

Clean & Clear said: “See The Real Me is about girls having the courage to show who they really are, and what makes them unique

“Although middle school was hard for Jazz, her experiences haven’t stopped her from wanting to show the world her true self.”

The teen will also star in her own reality series for TLC, titled All That Jazz, later this year.

Nancy Daniels of TLC told the Hollywood Reporter: “Jazz’s story is universal, yet unique, and we’re proud to partner with her family to share it with TLC’s audience.

“Jazz may be known as an author and activist, but she’s first and foremost a teenage girl with a big, brave heart, living a remarkable life.”

The report states the series will feature Jennings, her parents Greg and Jeanette, her siblings Ari, Griffen and Sandler, and her grandparents.