Watch: This adorable five year old knows that ‘love is love’

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A five year old Irish girl has shown her support for marriage equality in Ireland.

The Republic of Ireland is due to hold a referendum to extend marriage to same sex couples on 22 May.

The latest supporter to capture Ireland’s attention however is just five years old and the issue is pretty clear in her mind.

In a video uploaded by her mother on YouTube, five-year-old Ruby Gorry talks about making a sign with the message: “Two boys can get married, two girls can get married: love is love. I think that’s actually fine”

When questioned by her mother, she goes on to say: “I wonder why people don’t think that?

“People just think that a boy and a girl can get married, but two girls can get married and two boys can get married, and smooch… Love is love, and perfect makes perfect!”

Earlier this week, students at Trinity College came up with a novel way to mobilise the elderly vote for same-sex marriage.

The enterprising students filmed themselves calling their elderly relatives to ask them to vote for equality in the upcoming referendum as part of the ‘Ring Your Granny’ campaign, to varying degrees of success.

One grandparent said: “My age group wouldn’t vote in favour of that at all” – but added: “I will vote for it, all right.”