Amnesty International launches Yes campaign for equal marriage in Ireland

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Amnesty International has launched a campaign to help pass same-sex marriage in Ireland’s upcoming referendum.

The Republic of Ireland is set to vote on May 22 on a proposal that would introduce civil same-sex marriage.

Exactly two months before the country goes to the polls, human rights charity Amnesty International has launched their “Vote Yes” campaign in Dublin – to ensure that voters in favour of equality turn out to vote.

Colm O’Gorman, the director of Amnesty Ireland, said: “May 22 will be an historic date. It is a day when we all, as Irish people, have a chance to stand for a Republic of equals.

“A day when we can more fully realise equality for all of our people.”

“It is fitting that we are launching this campaign outside the GPO.

“Here, almost a century ago those who proclaimed our Republic, asserted that Ireland would value and cherish all of its people equally.”

Former Fianna Fáil minister Pat Carey spoke at the event to call for older people to support equality.

According to the Irish Independent, he said: “People of my generation do have doubts but they are our greatest supporters when they are convinced.

“This is a campaign like any other – voters need to be asked.

“Irish people are used to being asked on the doorsteps for their vote. We must avail of every opportunity to make direct contact with voters.

“Sitting at home talking to each other or talking to people who are already convinced won’t win this referendum – conviction, hardwork and shoe leather will.”

“When this referendum passes I believe it will lead to Ireland becoming an even more generous, kinder, compassionate, caring and tolerant country but we cannot take a Yes for granted.”

Amnesty International has officially supported equal marriage since 2007.