Katie Hopkins promises to leave the UK if Ed Miliband becomes PM

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Controversy-monger Katie Hopkins has said that she will leave the UK, if Ed Miliband wins the election in May.

The Celebrity Big Brother star made the promise on Twitter during yesterday’s televised election interviews, Battle for Number 10.

She wrote: “If this man is Prime Minister I will leave the UK.

“This man is not Great Britain. This is Russell Brand in a chuffing suit #Battle4Number10”

Katie Hopkins previously threw her weight behind the fringe ‘We Demand a Referendum’ party – which was started by transgender ex-UKIP MEP Nikki Sinclaire – but the party is fielding no candidates and no longer appears to be active.

During the election interviews yesterday, Ed Miliband paid tribute to David Cameron’s commitment to same-sex marriage.

When asked by Jeremy Paxman what he most admires in the Prime Minister, the Labour leader praised same-sex marriage, saying: “It was hard in his party, it was the right thing to do for his country.”

Katie Hopkins recently accused the gay community of being “intolerant” for boycotting out fashion designers Dolce and Gabbana after the pair insulted ‘non-traditional’ families.

She said: “Gay community should not demand the beauty pageant answer. D & G are gay men with their own views. Who’s being intolerant now? You or them?”

Last month she said of her 8-year-old son Maximillian: “Is my son gay? I kinda hope he is.

“Everybody with a gay son is much more savvy, the son tells them exactly what they think.

“My son really loves stuff to do with dancing, and fashion and he couldn’t give a toss about boys’ things like football.”