This man painted Obama with his erect penis… but he’s really quite introverted

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

This artist creates portraits of notable figures like President Obama using his penis as a paintbrush… but apparently he’s quite shy.

Brent Ray Fraser began imprinting his penis and testicles on canvas in 2009, and has built up quite a gay following, but says he is “artsexual”, and has never had sex with a man.

“I get a lot of emails everyday, mostly from gay men trying to hook up with me,” Fraser told Vice. “I tell them I’m artsexual. My work is highly erotic so I get all my sexual satisfaction from it.”

Brent Ray Fraser. Dick painter

The artist says there are advantages to using both his erect and his flaccid penis, and that he is careful to use acrylic water-based paint to ensure he doesn’t get poisoned through absorption through the skin.

Brent Ray Fraser. Dick painter

Fraser said a doctor told him he ” that smoking cigarettes is more harmful than putting paint on your penis.”

His website features images and videos for sale which include him painting on canvas with his erect penis, as well as having sex with an apple pie, a birthday cake, and covering himself in paint in the name of erotica.

As well as Obama, Fraser has recreated the iconic image of Marilyn Monroe by Andy Warhol.

Brent Ray Fraser. Dick painter

He said: “It’s like the Warhol Factory, but with my dick. Working on the art gets me aroused.”

To finish his works, Fraser masturbates and ejaculates on them, “signing them with his DNA”, he says.

On having been banned from Facebook several times, Fraser said: “Their algorithm can’t distinguish between what’s art and what’s porn.”

Describing himself as an introvert, the former exotic dancer takes times out to recharge given the attention his art can draw – during these periods he paints fully clothed, along in his studio.