Anti-UKIP protesters targeted by Britain First ‘thugs’ in revenge attack

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Anti-UKIP activists who last week protested Nigel Farage at a pub have now been targeted by far-right group Britain First, who vowed to protect the UKIP leader.

HIV activist Dan Glass last week organised an anti-UKIP diversity rally – with activists targeting the UKIP leader while he was having lunch with his family in the Queen’s Head in Downe, Orpington.

A group of protesters – from a number of anti-UKIP groups known as ‘Beyond UKIP’ – chased Mr Farage out of the pub in fancy dress, while his children “fled and hid”.

Nigel Farage later savaged the activists – who were protesting the party’s poor record on HIV, gay rights and race – saying “these people are scum”.

Now, in a video titled ‘UKIP ATTACKERS GET THEIR COMEUPPANCE!’, Britain First appeared to have tracked down the anti-UKIP activists, cornering them in a small room, and calling them “left wing cowards”.

Both Britain First and Beyond UKIP have uploaded video accounts of the incident.

The video uploaded by Britain First

Beyond UKIP’s video

After several minutes of footage during which Britain First members shout at the locked door, and call the protesters “cowards” for refusing to come out, the leader of the group is then seen speaking face-to-face with protesters.

Much of the audio is inaudible as a group of Britain First members, led by Paul Golding, the groups’ leader, shout the word “bullies” at the anti-UKIP protesters.

“We’ve found the same people who harassed Nigel Farage and scared his family, and as you can see the cowards are barricading themselves inside a room rather than face the righteous anger of British patriots,” Golding says. “We’re here to give them a taste of their own medicine.”

In the video Golding is heard saying: “Bullying little children… You and people like that are left wing cunts… You overstep the mark, you’ll find us on your doorstep.”

A release sent to PinkNews from Britain First referred to the protesters as “leftwing cretins”, and said they had been “clinging desperately to a door handle like cowards.”

The video ends with a warning:”Leftwing [sic] traitors be warned, patriots will not be intimated any more. If you want to harass patriots, we will fight back with all means at our disposal…”


One man wrote in response: “Well done Britain first. The contrey [sic] needs more decent British patriots like this. You should all be very proud of yourselfs [sic].”

Dan Glass, who organised last week’s protest said around 15 representatives from different groups were holding a debrief in the North London building which houses a children’s charity and a church group.

He told PinkNews that, after someone left to go to the toilet, they rushed back in, and said “15 thugs have just charged into the building”.

After the representatives from the groups, which included gay rights, HIV groups, breastfeeding mothers, and migrant groups, locked themselves in a room and bolted the door, he said Britain First members banged on the door and chanted that they were going to give them a “taste of [their] own medicine.”

He asked: “Then where are your tiny PVC pants and tape playing ‘It’s Raining Men’? Where’s your conga line singing ‘We Are Family’? I don’t know what medicine they’re taking, but it’s not what we’re on.”

Describing the incident as “quite terrifying”, Mr Glass said he was “concerned for everyone in there” and was “thinking about friends having babies – and what stress can do to pregnant women.”

“If political parties and Britain at large continue to pander to right wing groups like Britain First – it allows them to think they can get away with intimidating minority groups.”

Mr Glass added: “We ask everyone to condemn Britain First including Nigel Farage, as he will only do himself a disservice if not.”

A UKIP spokesman told PinkNews: “We condemn all acts of intimidation without hesitation”, and declined to comment further.

Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg last week criticised the alleged intimidation of Nigel Farage’s wife and kids during anti-UKIP demonstrations.