Anti-gay B&B owner standing as candidate in Cardiff North

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Former Christian Party mayor of Llandrindod Wells has said he will stand as a candidate in the general election.

He hit headlines last year after banning unmarried couples from using double rooms in the B&B he owns with his wife Sue. They were told this could be seen as discriminating against people on the grounds of sexual orientation. They took their complaint to the European Court of Human Rights.

At the time he said: “We are taking the case to Strasbourg on grounds of religious freedom. The question we are asking is, did the British government give enough weight to our rights as Christians to live as Christians in the UK?

“It goes against the tenets of my faith and we are raising our children in this house. It is not anti-gay but we have mutual accommodation – there are establishments in the country that take gay men only. There are gay men only hotels.”

Mr Green, who has previously been a councillor and mayor in Llandrindod Wells, said he was finalising the paperwork to stand for election in Cardiff North. Llandrindod Wells, where he still lives, is 70 miles away from Cardiff.

He told WalesOnline: “It’s only 90 minutes from my house. As chairman of the national party I travel around.”

Jenny Willott, the Welsh Liberal Democrat candidate for Cardiff Central told PinkNews: “The values of the Liberal Democrats are based on liberty and equality for all people. In Government we have stood up for LGBT rights both at home and abroad, and secured the historic step in introducing same-sex marriage.

“Mr Green’s abhorrent and discriminatory views against LGBT people have no place in Cardiff, or anywhere in this country. I’m fully confident that the people of Cardiff will reject them come May 7th.”