Chelsea Manning joins Twitter

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

Imprisoned US whistle-blower will dictate her tweets over the phone.

Supporters of Chelsea Manning, currently serving 35 years in prison for leaking US state secrets to Wikileaks, have set up a twitter account on her behalf. She amassed several thousands followers before making a single tweet.

She has since tweeted to explain her hope to tweet as often as possible, but without internet access in prison, she will dictate tweets over the phone. Her account is being managed by a communications and human rights organisation. She joked about the difficulties of tweeting over the phone with the hashtag “#90sproblems”

Ms Manning is currently fighting for the right to access transition related healthcare while. She confirmed that she was a trans woman after she was sentenced, and was prevented from transitioning by the US Military. In February she was finally granted access to hormone treatment.

Last month a court banned the military from misgendering her, ordering them to use female pronouns or her title, Private First Class Manning, at all times when referring to her.