Robbie Rogers: FIFA should only hold World Cup in countries where gays are safe

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Out football star Robbie Rogers has urged FIFA to make sure the World Cup is only held in countries with a pro-gay rights record.

The US sports star, who came out in 2013 and plays for LA Galaxy, made the claims in an interview with GQ Magazine.

He said: “I would hope that FIFA would be sensitive not only to gay rights but also women’s rights and basic human rights, and they should pick host countries for the World Cup based on what’s best for the competition—that’s what the athletes and fans want.

“So my goal is to create a dialogue with FIFA and convince them to create guidelines for how they choose countries to host the World Cup going forward, so that they only pick countries that ensure the safety of all the athletes and all the fans.”

The World Cup has attracted controversy in recent years – with the 2018 and 2022 World Cups awarded to Russia and Qatar respectively

He also admitted to being surprised that no other players have followed him in coming out.

He said: “Honestly, I’ve asked that same question and had discussions with my teammates and family, and I just don’t know the answer.

“I thought for sure when one of us came out other people in our sports would come out too, that there would be a few of us in soccer or basketball.

“I guess people are still afraid of their careers and what they would experience in the locker room.”

Former England midfielder Frank Lampard recently said he would “love” to see an out player in the Premiership.