This man got silicone injections and now has a half-stone penis

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This man from Germany, Micha, has had a number of silicone injections, and his penis now weighs just under half a stone.

Micha Stunz, 45, who lives in Berlin, is the subject of a documentary with Vice magazine.


He said he was first inspired to get the injections two decades ago after someone bought him a penis pump as a gift.

“When I pumped and then went out, I had the feeling that I wasn’t trapped inside the body I was born with,” he says.

“I had the possibility to shape it myself or to change it.”


Initially starting with saline injections, he said he enjoyed it, but feared infection, and he wanted something more permanent.

“The feeling was great,” he said, “but I didn’t like getting the injections- there’s always a risk of infection.

“And also the people around me started to wonder why my groin area would change in size.

“That’s why I started looking for something more permanent.”

Stunz later learned about silicone injections.

His penis is now 9 inches long and 3.5 inches wide, and while it is still capable of an erection, they happen inside his foreskin and are not visible. He estimates that his penis now weighs between 3 and 4kg, although he is now unable to weigh it on his kitchen scales.

In the documentary he says they “provide no physical pleasure boost”, and that he finds it hard to have penetrative sex.


Micha does get lucky though, he says: “You have to free yourself from established roles and hardened ideas about sex and be ready to play.

Perhaps he could set up shop with this man, who paints pictures of Barack Obama with his erect penis. 

Watch the Vice documentary below: