Who has the biggest penis in the world? Jonah Falcon or Roberto Esquivel Cabrera?

Jonah Falcon is belived to have the world's biggest penis

Jonah Falcon has long held the record for the biggest penis in the world – but rival Roberto Esquivel Cabrera remains convinced he should have the title.

Falcon, who is bisexual, has been considered to have to the world’s biggest penis for 20 years, since 1999. However, Cabrera believes he has eclipsed Falcon’s size as his measurements go beyond that of the record-holder’s.

To date, Falcon’s member is officially the largest known human penis on record, measuring 9.5 inches when flaccid and growing to 13.5 inches when fully erect.

The American’s manhood has reportedly helped him bed various A-list celebrities including Oscar winners and porn stars.

Watch this video to find out all about the well-endowed Falcon: