Lib Dem spoof site claims a Tory-UKIP coalition would abolish equal marriage

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The Liberal Democrats have claimed on an official parody website that equal marriage could be abolished, if the Conservatives go into coalition with UKIP and the Northern Irish DUP.

The Democratic Unionist Party remains strongly opposed to same-sex marriage in Northern Ireland – the only part of the UK where it is not yet legal – and the UK Independence Party also continues to oppose it.

Despite the support of David Cameron and senior Tories for the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act, the Lib Dems made the claim on a parody website for ‘Blukip‘ – the nickname for a potential coalition between the three parties.

The parody website – which is officially promoted on behalf of the Liberal Democrats – writes from the view of ‘Blukip’: “Our plans to abolish gay ‘marriage’.

“The Bible was not written by someone who was a fan of Gloria Gaynor. It was written by a man. A proper man who probably had a manly beard. And not one of those hipster beards either.

“The fact is, gay ‘marriage’ is not something to be proud of. It’s not natural, it’s not trendy and it’s not clever.

“These days, everybody seems to believe that everyone has a right to say and do what they want.

“Well we also believe this, but only if they’re saying and doing the right things.

“Call us old fashioned, call us traditional – but we just don’t like gay marriage.

“It leads to awkward questions like: ‘aren’t you sad about not having kids?’ and ‘have you seen Liza Minnelli in concert?’.

“We firmly believe that marriage is a sacred institution between a normal man and a normal woman. It should not be treated as a circus freak show.”

Equality activists have previously expressed concern that the DUP – which still actively opposes LGBT rights – could hold the balance of power in a future coalition.

When asked about the possibility of ever repealing the law in February in an interview with PinkNews, Tory Chair Grant Shapps explicitly ruled it out.

He said: “I don’t think Parliament is ever going to undo it. If you look at every single progressive reform ever passed, I can’t think of anything that’s ever been pulled back the other way.

“It’s not on the cards, even colleagues who were most vociferously against the change are not saying we need it in the manifesto.

“If you want vote for people who want to take us back to a different era, there are other places and parties to go to – but it’s not the Tory party.”