‘Are you trying to die?’ – does this Grindr prank on straight guys go too far?

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An online prank which sees women get details from straight men and then give it to a ‘gay’ friend to use against them has gone viral, but is it offensive?

In the hidden-camera YouTube show from ‘Break’, Kevin Brueck is featured as gay character Gaybriel, who approaches guys with the information obtained by the women further down the beach, and pretends, in front of their friends, that he has been chatting to them on Grindr.

The original version of the prank, released in 2013, has been viewed over 4 million times.

However in the latest version of it, one of the men pranked asks Brueck “are you trying to die”.

Most of the men featured in the video find the whole prank funny, especially when it is revealed that they are on a hidden camera show – but is it funny, or just offensive?

The original prank from 2013 is available below