Exclusive: Gay couple told that flatshare is for ‘a straight couple’

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PinkNews Exclusive.
A gay couple have complained about a flatshare ad – that says a room is available for a straight couple only.

Ross Boulter and his partner Mikey say they were looking for a flat in Guilford on Spareroom.co.uk, when they saw a listing for a flatshare in the city centre.

However, after reaching out to seek more details, they claim the ad was altered to state the room is only available to a straight couple.

The listing now states: “Room 3: Avail: VACANT AND AVAILABLE NOW: Ideal for a straight couple”

Exclusive: Gay couple told that flatshare is for ‘a straight couple’

It previously said “will suit professional couple”.

Exclusive: Gay couple told that flatshare is for ‘a straight couple’

Mr Boulter told PinkNews: “At first the ad didn’t say it was for straight couples so I enquired. The ad then [changed to say it was] for straight couples.

“To be honest we were both pretty shocked as it was an agency… we also couldn’t understand why.

“What difference would a gay couple living there make? We both have good jobs… we both work full time and could easily afford the rent. We also have impeccable references.

“It just seems wrong that we can’t move into a house, which clearly advertises for a couple, because we are not straight.

“I find it hypocritical that we are preaching about gay rights to countries such as Russia, yet it is happening on our own doorstep. Maybe not as severe but it’s happening all the same.”

He continued: “Now I think about it, I’d rather be homeless than give my hard earned money to an agency that discriminates someone because of the way they were born and who they fell in love with”.

A spokesperson for Spareroom.co.uk told PinkNews: “We’ll be contacting the agent.

“There are some exemptions and grey areas when it comes to discrimination in shared properties, but the law is incredibly clear in this instance.

“An agent (or landlord for that matter) can’t discriminate on the grounds of sexual orientation, it’s illegal.”

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