Same-sex couple wed at British Embassy in Japan

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

Diplomats Tim Johnson and Ryan Parkins married in a public ceremony at the embassy, to encourage Japan to advance on LGBT rights.

The couple invited Japanese media to attend the ceremony in a bid to promote the British view of same-sex marriage.

Japan does not currently allow same-sex couples to marry, but the country has begun looking closely at LGBT rights issues, as the 2020 Tokyo Olympics approaches.

In a statement, the couple said: “Each country must develop its LGBT policies at their own pace.

“We’ve invited selected Japanese guests and media to our same-sex wedding so that Japan can see the UK’s policy of diversity and inclusion.

“The wedding ceremony is just the beginning – we’re also excited about spending the rest of our lives together.”

As well as exchanging rings, the couple took part in the kagami biraki ceremony, traditionally performed at Japanese weddings, in which they broke open a cask of sake, with the help of British Ambassador Tim Hitchens.

A Japanese lesbian couple held a symbolic wedding ceremony earlier this month.