Same-sex Israeli couples evacuated from Nepal

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Couples who had travelled for surrogacy in Nepal were evacuated following the devastating earthquake.

Following the 7.8 magnitude earthquake that hit Nepal on Saturday, two planes carrying couples, their children, and expectant surrogate mothers landed in Israel yesterday.

The first was a small Israeli emergency response plane carrying four premature babies and their families, as well as other injured Israeli citizens.

Israeli law prevents same-sex couples, unmarried couples and single people from having children via surrogacy.

Some organisations assist couples in travelling to Nepal for surrogacy, while a proposal to allow surrogacy for unmarried people in Israel is making its way through the legislative process. Many in Israel have called for these changes to made as soon as possible, once the rescue effort is complete.

The Israeli Interior Minister has said the usual process of DNA testing before allowing children to enter Israel would be waived in this instance, as the priority was getting people to safety.

The Nepalese women surrogates, both those who were pregnant and who have given birth, are also being treated by Israeli rescue workers.

There are reportedly 700 Israelis in Nepal, and the Israeli government has sent several emergency response teams to locate them and to assist in the wider effort in the country.

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