‘It’s Erection Day!’ declares Conservative leaflet

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

A Conservative candidate nearly released a leaflet that declares Thursday ‘Erection Day’.

James Duddridge, who is standing for Parliament in Rochford and Southend East, tweeted a photo of the leaflet his team had planned to release on Thursday, as the country goes to the polls.

‘It’s Erection Day!’ declares Conservative leaflet

An unfortunate error, above a smiling picture of Mr Duddridge and a local council candidate, declared: “It’s Erection Day! James Duddridge your local Conservative Parliamentary Candidate.”

It added: “How would you feel if tomorrow, Ed Miliband was in Number 10, propped up by the SNP, and Labour were running Southend Council, propped up by the Liberals?”

Mr Duddridge tweeted: “Always have someone to proof read your leaflet. This one had no imprint and mentions Erection Day. Keep it up!”

Last year, Labour’s Shadow Foreign Minister Kerry McCarthy wrote for PinkNews calling for Mr Duddridge, who was then the UK’s Minister for Africa, to take a stronger stance against the Ugandan Government’s support for anti-gay laws.

Mr Duddridge voted in favour of same-sex marriage.

Conservative leader David Cameron took part in a Q&A with PinkNews readers last week, in which he pledged to take action to end ‘gay cure’ therapies.