Lynne Featherstone to chair Lib Dem Norman Lamb’s leadership campaign

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The former Lib Dem minister who introduced same-sex marriage has announced she will chair Norman Lamb’s bid for the party leadership.

Lynne Featherstone – the MP responsible for pushing same-sex marriage onto the statute books and reigning PinkNews Ally of the Yearlost her seat in Hornsey and Wood Green this month, amidst a near-wipeout of her party in the general election.

After the resignation of party leader Nick Clegg, Mrs Featherstone has backed former Health Minister Norman Lamb for leader – announcing on PinkNews that she will chair his leadership campaign.

Lynne Featherstone said: “Norman is a politician of conviction and integrity – like me, he is not a career politician. He got into politics to campaign and to fight for the things that he believes in – truly liberal policies.

“We need to find a clear voice and vision for the future – to speak loudly and proudly about our liberalism and we need a leader with the courage to do this.

“That is why I am wholeheartedly backing Norman to be our leader – more than that – I am chairing his campaign.”

Her comments will be published on Lib Dem Voice later today.

Norman Lamb told PinkNews: “I am delighted that Lynne has decided to Chair my campaign. She is progressive and liberal voice both inside and outside of the party.

“Her work over the past five years on same-sex marriage and campaigning against FGM stand testament to that.

“Lynne and I share the same vision as to the future of the party; giving power directly back to the people, fighting for equal opportunities for everyone, and celebrating diversity in all its forms.

“I value her support hugely and am excited as to what we can achieve together.”

Mr Lamb is running against former party president Tim Farron.

Mr Farron spoke to PinkNews earlier this week to address his voting record on LGBT rights issues.

While Tim Farron abstained on the third reading of the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act, Norman Lamb missed the vote because he was out of the country at the time.

Mr Lamb voted for the bill at all other stages, however.

Bizarrely, Mr Lamb has one rather unlikely from endorsement – with Dappy from N-Dubz backing his campaign.