Charity head Franklin Graham: US will ‘disintegrate’ over same-sex marriage

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The President of Christian charity Samaritan’s Purse has claimed that United Stated will ‘disintegrate’ because of same-sex marriage.

Franklin Graham, the son of Christian evangelist Billy Graham, made the claim in a blog for Christian news site Charisma News.

He claimed an impending ruling from the Supreme Court on same-sex marriage could lead to the “disintegration” of culture.

Graham is the President of international charity Samaritan’s Purse. He is listed as a trustee of Samaritan’s Purse UK, which runs the annual Christmas Shoebox Appeal.

He said: “As the nine justices consider the weight and merit of the oral arguments that came before the court on April 28, the impending decision will rank as the most historic and far-reaching judgement of the 21st century.

“Should the verdict favour the fanatical proponents of same-sex marriage, it will dramatically and fundamentally alter the moral fabric and future of the American family.”

He continued: “The full-fledged attack on the institution of marriage by gay rights groups is in reality an assault on the church of the Lord Jesus Christ. It is driven by the forces of evil that hate the name of Christ.

“If the nation’s highest court decrees same-sex marriage as the law of the land, the consequences will be grave. It sets the stage for persecution of believers who are committed to the truth of Scripture.

“Can pastors preach against homosexuality without being accused of hate speech? Can Christian schools and colleges deny housing to same-sex couples and maintain their tax-exempt status?

“The ultimate danger, of course, is the devastating results of disobedience to God’s Word.

“Continual blatant sexual immorality that shakes its arrogant, godless fist before Almighty God is a flashing red sign warning of the imminent disintegration of a culture.

“Pray now. Pray fervently. Pray for the wisdom and counsel of God to work its way into the hearts and minds of the Supreme Court justices who are making this momentous decision.”

He previously claimed Canada has “suffered greatly” over equal marriage, claiming: “Canada began federally mandating same-sex marriage in 2005. What’s happened since then?

“One result has been that freedom of speech, press, and religion have suffered greatly.

“If you say or write anything questioning same-sex marriage, you could face discipline, termination of employment, or prosecution by the government!”

He has also previously said that Vladimir Putin is “doing what’s right for Russia” by implementing anti-gay policies.