New York Times urges US military to allow trans members to serve openly

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The editorial board of the New York Times has urged the US military to allow transgender members to serve openly.

Writing today, the board urged military leaders to allow trans members to serve openly.

“It can go either way in the military these days,” the editorial board wrote.

“While transgender civilians in the federal work force enjoy robust legal protections from discrimination, those in the armed forces may be discharged at any moment. The Pentagon, shamefully, has yet to rescind anachronistic personnel guidelines that prohibit openly transgender people from joining in the military, labeling their condition a ‘paraphilia,’ or perversion.”

According to estimations by the Palm Center, there are 15,500 active transgender members of the US military.

Based on that estimation, the Department of Defense is the largest employer of trans people in the US.

The editorial board continued, “The policy has forced thousands to serve in silence, repressing an essential part of their identity.”

The Human Rights Campaign welcomed the move, and commits to “continuing the education and advocacy that is necessary to ensure that transgender military service becomes a reality.”

Despite that the ban on gay, lesbian or bisexual members, Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, was repealed in 2011, the ban on transgender military service is still in place.

However, it is regulatory, and can be changed by the Secretary of Defence.