UKIP’s Suzanne Evans: It is disgraceful and discriminatory to ban UKIP from Pride in London

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UKIP’s Deputy Chairman Suzanne Evans has hit out at the organisers of Pride in London, for banning UKIP members from marching.

Organisers of Pride in London originally approved plans for UKIP LGBT+ to take part in the parade on Saturday 27 June, claiming it would not “discriminate” against them.

However, following a backlash from campaigners including Peter Tatchell, the board reversed its decision, citing “safety” concerns if the group were allowed to march.

In a comment to PinkNews, Suzanne Evans – who was originally set to take over as interim UKIP leader from Nigel Farage before he un-resigned – lashed out at the organisers over the decision.

She said: “It is disgraceful an organisation that is recognised for inclusion and equality is behaving in a way that suggests it holds attitudes that actually are quite the opposite.

“What is London Pride trying to say? That yes, you can be out and proud, but only if you do it in a way proscribed by others?

“That if you’re ‘the wrong kind of gay’ we don’t want you?

“Not only is it discriminatory, it’s foolhardy – why would any organisation want to ostracise the UK’s third largest political party and 4 million voters?

“UKIP believe wholeheartedly in individual choice and liberty. And is the political home to a growing and vocal number of LGTB* members.

“We all want a fair and free society. And by blocking UKIP’s LGBT group, London Pride 2015 has sadly put up a small barrier to that.”

Liberal Democrat peer Lord Brian Paddick also weighed in today, calling on organisers to allow UKIP to march.