Four ambassadors march in Cyprus Pride together

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

The British, American, Australian and Austrian ambassadors to Cyprus marched together in the country’s Pride parade this weekend.

Hundreds of people yesterday marched through the streets of the country’s capital Nicosia, to mark its second annual Pride celebrations.

The event drew huge crowds, with many LGBT people and supporters marching in support of greater rights in the country. Homosexuality was only legalised in Cyprus in 1998, with plans for civil partnerships recently gaining approval.

Marching together in the Parade were four Ambassadors and High Commissioners to Cyprus – Australia’s Trevor Peacock, America’s John M Koenig, Austria’s Dr Karl Mueller and the UK’s Ric Todd.

Four ambassadors march in Cyprus Pride together

The US Embassy tweeted a picture of the group, writing: “Austria, UK, Australia, & US Ambassadors & embassies all at the 2015 CY Pride march! Join in! #pride #AcceptCY”

The Cypriot government’s Interior minister Sokratis Hasikos also attended the event.

According to the Cypriot Mail, he told the crowd: “I am here in my official capacity as Interior minister, but also as a representative of the government,” Hasikos said.

“I personally, as well as the executive branch of government, have listened closely and fully understood the issue you have repeatedly raised with successive Cypriot governments, and responded positively.