David Starkey compares SNP to Nazis and says gay parents are ‘ludicrous’

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

Television historian David Starkey has taken aim at the SNP, comparing the party to the Nazis, and gay parents, saying they are “ludicrous”.

The 70-year-old compared the Scottish saltire to a swastika, and said the SNP’s view of the English was reminiscent of Adolf Hitler’s hatred of the Jews.

Starkey, who is openly gay, made the comments in an interview with the Sunday Times, saying he thinks the legalisation of homosexuality has “largely destroyed homosexual creativity.”

“We’ve just become boring,” he went on. “Now you get gay men running around trying to bring up children… ludicrous. One of the first things that saved me from becoming a boring Establishment old fart was that I knew what it was like to be moved on by a policeman. All that’s gone. You just fit into that absolutely standard undifferentiated metropolitan upper-middle class.”

Of those, particularly in England, who sympathise with the SNP, Mr Starkey said they are “incapable of recognising that this is national socialism. And the nationalism is much more important than the socialism, as it was in Germany. The socialism is a very fragile, superficial thing. The nationalism is very real.”

Mr Starkey also defended scientist Tim Hunt, who resigned last week after making sexist comments about working with women, and said he “detests victimhood.”

Of disabled people, Mr Starkey said he hates it when they “parade their wounds”.

Mr Starkey was condemned for referring to political journalist Mehdi Hasan as ‘Ahmed’ while appearing on Question Time earlier this year.

Writing in The Telegraph in June 2012, Starkey questioned whether equal marriage was really necessary at all.

In a discussion on Newsnight about the riots of 2011, Starkey said: ”The whites have become black”.