Malta’s government is looking into banning harmful ‘gay cure’ therapy

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The government in Malta may soon bring forward legislation to ban the controversial practice of ‘gay cure’ therapy.

The Times of Malta reports that after calls from the head of the Malta Gay Rights Movement, Gabi Calleja, to ban the practice, minsters are already looking into doing so.

The Ministry for Social Dialogue, Consumer Affairs and Civil Liberties were looking into the best way to legislate to ban the practice.

Ms Calleja, noting that the practice is banned in several countries, noted that evangelist bishop Tom Brown spoke in Malta at the weekend. He had previously said he thinks homosexuality is a “mental illness” which he can cure.

“This means that, often, gay people experience difficulties in coming to terms with their sexual orientation. Most overcome this internalised homophobia and develop a healthy sense of identity,” she told the Times of Malta.

Following comments made by the British Prime Minister David Cameron to PinkNews during the election campaign, the Government in the UK also looks set to ban ‘gay cure’ therapies.