Trans duathlon runner joins Team USA

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Trans endurance runner Chris Mosier has qualified for the duathlon World Championships and will represent the United States.

Outsports reports that he may be the first trans man to compete in a men’s event for Team USA.

In the qualifying competition, he finished 7th in the men’s 35-39 group, with the top 8 making the national team. He hopes to go on to compete at the World Championships in Spain next year.

Duathlon is similar to triathlon, but with a second running phase in place of the swimming phase.

He told Outsports: “Making Team USA was my number one goal this year.

“Many transgender athletes stop competing when they transition categories. I want people to know it is possible to maintain an identity as an athlete and transition.

“When I was considering transition, I did not see transgender men competing at a high level in the way I aspired to compete. I am excited to be a visible example for other trans athletes or people considering a medical transition.”

As he is taking testosterone, Mr Mosier has to gain approval from the Anti-Doping Agency, and provide blood tests to ensure his testosterone levels are within the average male range.

He said: “That might be more difficult, but I haven’t thought much about it yet.”

Last year Mr Mosier was inducted into the US National Gay and Lesbian Sports Hall of Fame, for his work advocating for trans people in sport.

Former Olympian Caitlyn Jenner, who won an Olympic gold medal in the decathlon in 1976, an event only open to men at the time, faced calls to have her medal stripped after speaking about her identity as a woman. The International Olympic Committee quashed the suggestion, saying there was no issue.

In May, sports writer Jamie Neal spoke about experiences of being trans in the sports world.