Gay people urged not to get overexcited and marry by accident

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Activist Edie Windsor has backed the Talk Before You Walk initiative.

In the wake of the Supreme Court judgement on same-sex marriage across the US, couples have been urged to make sure they are fully informed before rushing to get married.

SAGE – an advocacy and legal organisation for LGBT older people – have launched the Talk Before You Walk campaign to help couples determine the legal and financial benefits and issues with marriage.

With seperate advice for older and younger couples, it emphasies benefits such as healthcare, immigration and social security – while reminding people to be aware of tax changes and the potential for discrimination.

While the US now has same-sex marriage in all 50 states, in many there is no employment and other non-discrimination laws – meaning that by getting married, some people may jeopardise their jobs or housing.

Activist Edie Windsor, who was a key figure in striking down the Defence of Marriage Act in 2013, said: “By all means—go, get married!

“But before you do, learn how a marriage will impact you, both financially and legally.”

The campaign states: “Before you pick out flowers and rings, take a moment to talk with your partner and your advisors about how marriage can impact your financial and legal realities.

“For many older adults who rely on benefits like Social Security, this conversation can mean the difference between financial wellbeing and hardship.”