Gloria De Piero: We must celebrate Pride and continue efforts for equality

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

Gloria De Piero, Labour’s Shadow Equalities Minister has welcomed all of those celebrating Pride in the UK, saying we must continue efforts for equality.

Pride in London kicks off this morning in the capital, and Ms De Piero praised those who have worked tirelessly to improve the situation for LGBT people in the UK.

Ms De Piero said: “This year’s theme gives us an opportunity to celebrate our ‘Pride Heroes’. Here in the UK we are lucky to have many fantastic LGBT role-models across public life – from actors and sport stars, to scientists and activists. But on Saturday I know many people will also be celebrating heroes closer to home amongst their friends, family and community; people who have stood up against prejudice and changed hearts and minds.

“And as we celebrate the progress we have made towards equality, it’s this task that we will continue. There is more to be done to challenge prejudice in schools and workplaces, and to improve access to public services. And as people across the world witness our celebrations this weekend in London, we must strengthen our commitment to champion human rights for those across the world who still face persecution, imprisonment and violence because of their identity or sexuality.

“I wish everyone celebrating Pride this weekend a fantastic day.”