UKIP LGBT group told to move away from African LGBT groups at Pride in London

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

UKIP’s LGBT group has apparently been asked by stewards at the Pride in London parade that they must move away from African LGBT groups.

Speaking to PinkNews at the event, which they had originally been banned for over “safety concerns”, Richard Hendron said LGBT* in UKIP was happy to comply.

The group joined the parade part-way along the route earlier in the day.

He said the group was told it was “insensitive” for them to march near the African LGBT groups, and so they waited at the side, and re-joined the parade at a different point.

“They said to march a few more back, because they said it was insensitive. We don’t want to be disruptive – we are cooperating to a degree.”

He said they had not been told they would be removed.

Despite objections, LGBT* in UKIP re-joined the parade without disruption.

Organisers of Pride in London originally approved plans for UKIP LGBT+ to take part in the parade on Saturday 27 June, claiming it would not “discriminate”against them.

However, following a backlash from campaigners including Peter Tatchell, the board reversed its decision, citing “safety” concerns if the group were allowed to march.

A bulletin went out to all UKIP members last week urging them to join the LGBT group on Saturday 27 June at Pride in London – and the party last week shared pictures of the t-shirts it will distribute.

Pride in London did not return a request for comment when PinkNews asked how it would respond if a UKIP group attempts to march.

The party previously accused Pride organisers of using “safety” as “an excuse to keep LGBT* in UKIP out of the parade.”

It said: “Despite this ban, LGBT* in UKIP do plan to show a presence, supporting LGBT rights, inclusion and equality, not to mention our right to be there. It is important that we get as many LGBT people from UKIP to attend, as there will be media interest in us.”