New Zealand MP: Tony Abbott is a acting like a dictator on same-sex marriage

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Louisa Wall, who pushed for same-sex marriage in New Zealand, said the Australian Prime Minister is “acting like a dictator”.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott continues to oppose same-sex marriage in Australia – the only major English speaking nation that does not allow same-sex marriage anywhere within its borders.

Ms Wall, the prime architect of same-sex marriage in New Zealand which passed in 2013, said Mr Abbott should allow politicians a free vote on the issue because “that gives opportunities for communities of interest to converse with their members of Parliament about how relevant this legislation is to them.”

Only five of Mr Abbott’s Liberal Party MPs attended the introduction of opposition leader Bill Shorten’s same-sex marriage bill. Mr Abbott is yet to guantee his MPs will be allowed a free vote on the issue, as he predecessor Julia Gillard allowed in 2012.

Ms Wall went on: “I think it’s a threat to democracy in Australia, to be honest, that people are being denied the opportunity to be involved in what is a global discussion.

“He’s acting like a dictator in a context that allows him to – so really this is about the Liberal party and the Liberal Party members and whether they’re going to tolerate having a party led by a dictator.”

Early last year it was reported that a quarter of all same-sex marriages carried out in New Zealand were between Australians.

A moving video shows the moment the New Zealand parliament, including Ms Wall, break into song as the same-sex marriage bill passed.