This trans woman overheard a shopkeeper call her ‘half man, half woman’

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A trans woman in New Zealand has spoken of being called “half man, half woman” when using a changing room in a clothing store.

Mary Haddock-Staniland spoke to the Herald New Zealand about the incident she says took place in Farmers, a clothing and homeware store.

She said when she entered the changing room, she overheard one of the shopkeepers ask if it was permitted to allow a “half man, half woman” into the female changing rooms.

Saying she was considering reporting the incident to the Human Rights Commission, Mrs Haddock-Staniland said she was “disgusted”.

The prominent trans rights campaigner said the incident took place in Botany, and her spokesperson Miranda Likeman said: “She will be weighing this up while on holiday, as the best outcome for all concerned may not lie that way,” Ms Likeman said.

“Farmers have been very helpful and responsive, and have demonstrated a desire to resolve this matter and look at diversity training with their staff.”

The Herald reports that 16 complaints have been made to the commission in the past five years.