Christian Concern compares Tunisia massacre to same-sex marriage

A guest column carried by religious pressure group Christian Concern compares same-sex marriage to the massacre of British tourists in Tunisia.

The group, which works to oppose UK equality laws but failed to stop the passage of same-sex marriage, posted a guest article from “cultural apologist and church leader” Dr Joe Boot.

The column says there are many reason for Christians to ‘despair’ – citing the murder of innocent Christians in Nigeria, the massacre of 38 people in Tunisia, and the US Supreme Court bringing same-sex marriage to all 50 states.

It says: “Given the events of recent days, with Boko Haram slitting the throats of Christians in Nigeria, Islamic jihadists murdering dozens of Britons as they sat with their children by the sea in Tunisia, and as the Humpty Dumpty logic of the US Supreme Court led to a decision legalising same-sex ‘marriage’ in America – an act far more destructive of truth and liberty than a terrorist bomb – it would be easy to be utterly despondent as a Christian.

“However, the truth of the gospel means we must not – indeed, cannot – give in to fear, doubt or despair.”

38 people were murdered by a gunman in Tunisia, including 30 British holidaymakers.

Dr Boot claims that the Tunisian murders were driven by the fundamental beliefs of Islam, labelling the Prophet Mohammed a “violent and bloodthirsty warlord”, before drawing a direct comparison to the Supreme Court ruling.

He claims that “the US Supreme Court’s decision expresses, in a different way, a similar usurpation of sovereignty”, and accuses the justices of “waging [a] ‘legal’ war against Christ” in a similar way to radical Islamists.

The column continues: “In both Islamic militancy and activist Western courts, we are witnessing war on the living God by means and application of illegitimate law and the usurpation of sovereignty.”

Andrea Williams of Christian Concern is regularly given a platform to make media appearances, despite her group’s increasingly anti-gay stance.

The UK Independence Party’s ‘Christian’ manifesto was released earlier this year on a Christian Concern-run website – but was not circulated it via the official UKIP website or to the press.