George Michael responds to crack cocaine allegations: ‘I am perfectly fine’

The pop legend has denied allegations made in a Sunday newspaper that he is addicted to crack cocaine.

The allegations were made by Jackie Georgiou, the wife of George’s cousin. She told the tabloid that Michael had been smoking crack before he checked in to a Swiss rehab clinic.

She told the paper that the reason she was sharing the story was because she was worried for the star’s mental and physical health.

“He’d got to the point where he would be shaking, saying: ‘I need it'”, she said.

“It was pretty dark and things were getting darker. He was going to end up locked up or dead. I’m petrified he will die.”

Michael took to Twitter yesterday to also deny the claims, saying in a tweet, “To my lovelies, do not believe this rubbish in the papers today by someone I don’t know any more and haven’t seen for nearly 18 years…”

The ‘Careless Whisper’ singer has not shied away from the fact that he has used illegal drugs in the past – he has previously spoken of his love for marijuana and, in 2011 admitted using crack cocaine.

His habit has also been blamed for his numerous brushes with the law – in 2010, he was sentenced to eight weeks in jail for crashing his Range Rover into a shop-front while under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

The star was rushed to hospital last year after he collapsed at home and last month, it was reported that he had entered an expensive Swiss rehab clinic.

Although the star at first denied that he had entered the clinic, he later admitted his was in Europe on an extended break and had visited Zurich’s Kusnacht facility – which reportedly charges client’s around £190,000 a month for treatment.

However, Georgiou’s claims have been strenuously denied by a spokesperson for the singer.

“Whilst it is our general policy not to comment on private matters, we would in this instance note that these highly inaccurate stories have been apparently provided to the press by the wife of a very distant family member, neither of whom has had any dealings with him for many many years,” the statement said.

“It is therefore unsurprising that they are so incorrect.

“Beyond this we have no further comment to make as the matter is now in the hands of Mr Michael’s lawyers.”

Later, the Michael issued another tweet saying, “I am perfectly fine and enjoyed Wimbledon like the rest of you. Wish it went to 5 sets though!…” and retweeted a message from fellow UK singer Sam Smith.

This is not the first time stories regarding the singer’s private life have been sold to the press – in May, a former prison officer who sold “salacious gossip” about inmates including Michael was jailed for 10 months.

41-year-old Reggie Nunkoo was paid £1,650 for selling stories to tabloids about George Michael, as well as Jack Tweed, and acid attacker Daniel Lynch, the Old Bailey heard.