PinkNews launches world’s first .News domain

PinkNews logo with white background and rainbow corners

PinkNews is today launching one of the world’s first .News web domains, Pink.News.

Following the global launch of .News web addresses today, PinkNews can announce it is one of the first news outlets to adopt the domain.

Benjamin Cohen, CEO and Publisher of PinkNews, said: “Over the past ten years we have grown from a small UK based news publisher to the worlds leading LGBT media organisation, as we continue our global expansion what we don’t want to do is create a series of disconnected, local websites.

“Instead we are extremely excited to use the new Pink.News domain as our global homepage, which will be much more powerful, memorable and accessible to our almost 10 million readers around the world.”

Rightside, a leading provider of domain name services, revealed that .News is its most successful domain in the pre-launch phase, with over 1,000 applications.

Sky News, the Los Angeles Times and Sinclair Broadcast Group are also using .News domains. Most are implementing the the new web address to act as an alternative or supplement to .com or .net.

Rightside expects .News domains to help media companies – large and small; new and old; local, regional, national and global – re-establish, re-invigorate and reinforce their brand credibility.

.News domains will also help journalists and bloggers (and the organisations they represent) survive and thrive as high-powered, high-value brands amid the current Internet chaos.

Rightside CEO Taryn Naidu commented: “The future of news is unfolding in real-time, right before our very eyes – and what we’re experiencing every day is an explosion of new media outlets, an ocean of unmanageable content, and the ever increasing challenge to break through the noise, not to mention reach and build a target audience.

He continued: “As a result, media companies, journalists and bloggers are experiencing a dilution of their online voice, identity and relevancy. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

“We believe that .News web addresses will allow these players to ‘broadcast’ their stories in a more memorable and naturally-searchable way, compete for much-needed share-of-digital-mind, drive traffic and add greater equity and relevancy to their brands.”

It comes after PinkNews launched dedicated Scottish portal PinkNews.Scot last year, and ahead of the 10th anniversary in September.