Dr Christian Jessen: I was ‘naive’ and ‘stupid’ to give drugs advice on Grindr

The television doctor and star of Embarrassing Bodies has spoken to PinkNews, saying he is not a regular drug user and that he was “naive” and “stupid” to give drugs advice to a man he had only ever met online.

In messages published in a Sunday tabloid last weekend, Dr Christian said he was in possession of illegal drugs, including mephedrone, the “date-rape” drug GHB and cannabis. He also gave advice on the effects of cocaine and ecstasy and the horse tranquilliser ketamine.

However, speaking to PinkNews today, Dr Jessen said that he is not a regular drug user and was simply being friendly to the man in question. He did admit that he felt “naive” and “stupid” for trusting a man he had only just met.

“I was simply giving the guy some friendly advice, but I admit that it was naive to do so.

“I just feel really stupid – I honestly didn’t think something like this would happen,” he added.

“It is embarrassing to think of now, but you often chat to random people on apps like Grindr.”

He went on: “This chap brought drugs up and of course I was going to give him advice about them – it’s my job to,” he said, stressing that nothing came of the chat and that he was simply “passing the time.”

Channel 4 is yet to issue a statement on the claims, but Jessen himself has taken to Twitter to share his thoughts on both the scandal and the man involved.

Dr Christian Jessen: I was ‘naive’ and ‘stupid’ to give drugs advice on Grindr

And it seems that many users agree with him, with many arguing the star is entitled to a private life – and some showing more concern for the doctor’s physique.

“Felt so sorry for Dr Christian Jessen”, wrote one user, while another joked: “Never mind the drugs scandal, Hello Doctor!” in relation to the revealing pictures that were published alongside the story.

Dr Christian is known for his frank views on drug laws in the UK, and has often used his public profile to support the LGBT community.

Last year, he took part in a programme aimed at highlighting the effects of gay conversion therapy.

The show featured Jessen being subjected to a bizarre range of practices designed to ‘cure’ his sexual orientation, including being made to vomit while looking at homoerotic images.