Watch: Black preacher takes homophobes to church with fiery pro-gay sermon

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A preacher has delivered an incredible sermon, attacking homophobic “hypocrites” within black Baptist churches condemning same-sex marriage.

Pastor E Dewey Smith, of the Greater Travelers Rest Baptist Church, House of Hope Atlanta, spoke out this week against homophobia in the black baptist community.

He warned: “God said to me, you guys in the church can be so hypocritical. In the African-American church, you really got to be careful.

“You are guilty of preaching against something – but look at half of our choirs, and a great number of our artists!

“But we don’t say anything about the gay choir director, because he’s good for business. As long as the choir sound good, I ain’t saying nothing about his sexuality.

“We have done what the slave master did to us! Dehumanise us, degrade us, demonise us – but then use them for our advantage.”

“It’s hypocritical to talk about the Supreme Court and call them Sodom and Gomorrah – if that’s the case, half our churches have been Sodom and Gomorrah for a hundred years!

“You quote homosexuality is an abomination from Leviticus, but you say that right after you eat some shrimp, some catfish and some lobster.

“You quote Leviticus while you wear a wool-blend suit! It’s also in Leviticus that you shouldn’t wear mixed linen.

The video has attracted nearly 50,000 views since it was uploaded, two days ago. Watch the full clip above.