Record holding bodybuilder comes out as transgender

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A record breaking power lifter has released an online statement coming out as transgender.

Janae Marie Kroc – better known as Kroc – has been holding the record in the 220lb power lifting class since 2009 and recently announced her transition via social media.

Many people in bodybuilding circles will know Kroc’s name from the “Kroc Row” back workout.

With many fans in disbelief after the announcement, Janae Marie released a secondary statement on GymFlow 100 saying how thankful she was for all the support she had received.

The statement reads: “Transitioning is a very difficult process and even tougher at an older age (I’m 42).

“Your body doesn’t respond to hormones very well as compared to being in your teens or twenties and I have a built a very good life for myself that I am hesitant to give up.”

Janae Marie has described herself on Instagram as a “Transgender/genderfluid Alpha male/girly girl Lesbian in a male body.”

The record holder added: “I am naturally competitive and always loved sports but there’s no denying I’m transgender and that I was always drawn to femininity as well.

“Gender identity and personality tests that I have taken in an effort to figure myself out always indicate that I am both hyper-masculine and hyper-feminine.

“Exactly what I need to be at peace with myself is something I am still not 100% certain of.”

With three sons, the bodybuilder also said that she was unsure as whether she would live as a woman full-time.

“I often feel like two completely different people trying to share one body with both fighting over who gets to be in control.”

Fans are  Janae Marie’s incredibly supportive – however Kroc is still aware of the challenges: “Whatever path I choose there will be sacrifices to be made.”

Kroc is not the first bodybuilder to gain public recognition – with model  Aydian Dowling recently reached the top 10 short list in the competiton to be on the cover of national publication Men’s Health magazine.