A law to protect trans people has been thrown out by Chris Christie AGAIN

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A law which would have made it easier for trans people to get appropriate birth certificates has been thrown out for a second time in New Jersey.

Governor Chris Christie this week threw out the bill, which would have allowed state agencies to alter birth certificates.

It asked for proof that individuals were transitioning, but would mean that gender reassignment surgery would not be necessary to make the change.

“Birth certificates are a basic form of identification that speak to our core identity and common humanity, and it is appalling that Chris Christie has again vetoed a bill that would have made it easier for transgender people to obtain birth certificates that reflect who they are,” said Alison Gill, HRC Senior Legislative Counsel.

“This bill would have ensured that transgender people born in New Jersey are able to change their birth certificates to reflect their correct name and gender without unnecessarily expensive and invasive obstacles. Inaccuracies present myriad challenges for transgender people in their daily lives, creating barriers to things as fundamentally important as applying for a job or voting. Chris Christie’s shameful decision puts the well-being of transgender New Jerseyans at risk for no good reason.”

The bill was vetoed originally by Christie last year.

On issuing his veto yesterday, the Governor said the “potential to create legal uncertainties” outweighed the benefits of the bill.